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Posted by Chris Brown on December 17, 2008 – 4:08 pm

When the media and the fans would openly criticize Buffalo’s Super Bowl era teams of the early 90’s the players took it as an affront to their ability and talent.

Buffalo’s current team likely take the criticism they’re receiving to heart as well. The only problem is unlike those early 90’s teams they haven’t been able to shut people up with their play on the field. And it’s that reason that even a proud player like Kawika Mitchell says fans and the media have free license to criticize them until they show different on the field.

“People can say what they want to say,” Mitchell said. “We deserve it. We’re not winning. We’re not doing what we’re supposed to do. So you can say what you want to say. Until we prove you different, until we’re in the playoffs or a team that’s fighting to get into the playoffs you can say what you want.”

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