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Fan Friday 12-19

Posted by Chris Brown on December 19, 2008 – 6:31 pm

Well only a couple of more games to go. We’ll continue Fan Friday in the offseason of course so keep those questions coming at Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays.

1. Hi Chris,
I just had two quick questions for you. The first is why can’t Trent Edwards get more opportunities to create plays outside the pocket. He showed that he had the skills and quickness to do so against KC. Also, are there plans to upgrade the offensive line in the draft at all?

CB: I think the staff sees Trent as more of a pocket passer. He does have the ability to make plays on the run, but I see the offensive staff only making use of that when the time and score and down and distance make it prudent to do so. I don’t believe it will ever be a featured part of Trent’s game.

As for the offensive line, I would anticipate the Bills will look to strengthen the center position and draft prospects to improve the depth.

2. What do you think of this idea? This year in the offseason we sign Haynesworth, Suggs, and Matt Birk and switch to a 3-4.

CB: I like your idea a lot. Do you have $150M to offer in contract money? The Bills will not be able to compete for Haynesworth or Suggs on the open market. Plus there are more glaring needs than DT right now.

I like the idea of Birk. I’d sign him for two years to get a veteran to settle things on the interior. Then I’d draft a guard/center type in the draft that you can groom to succeed Birk.

3. Who are they keeping among their own FAs? I think Jabari Greer, Kirk Chambers, Corey McIntyre and Preston(at the right price).
Steve in Rochester

CB: I think Chambers and Preston are the most likely to be re-signed. I don’t know that there’s an urgency to re-sign McIntyre. The only thing that could affect Chambers is if the staff believes that Demetrius Bell is ready to handle his swing tackle role next season. Bell is very athletic and has come along quickly.

Greer I fear will cost too much to keep. After the Corey Webster deal (5-$43.5M $20M guaranteed) with the Giants, who has very comparable numbers to Greer, I think Greer stands a good chance of commanding $8M a year.

With all the money invested in Leodis McKelvin and Terrence McGee’s contract set to expire after the 2009 season, I don’t know if the Bills can afford to invest big money into another cornerback. It’s unfortunate in light of how the Bills groomed Greer into a solid starter, and in a league that’s passing more and more every year it’s advantageous to have three proven cornerbacks. I’m just not convinced he’ll be back. Ashton Youboty is also up after the 2009 season, so it will be interesting to see the choices the Bills make at that position over the next two seasons.

4. Hi Chris,
Can you provide a better understanding of how the Bills spend their week practicing for cold weather games?  The fact that we practice indoors has really bothered me since the Browns game last year as I really don’t think we have that big of an advantage anymore when it comes to cold weather football in Buffalo.  Guys like Trent, Roscoe, Leodis and Marshawn have very little experience in cold weather games and I believe the weather in games such as when the Pats come to town in week 17 will actually favor the visitors.  Thanks for clarifying.

CB: Up until this past Thursday the Bills had not practiced outside for a month. Dick Jauron when asked about it said it’s not worth it to practice outside unless you can effectively match the conditions to what they’re supposed to be on game day. Thursday this week was similar to what it’s supposed to be like on Sunday in Denver, so they practiced outside.

I personally feel there’s a psychological edge practicing outside in it all the time especially when you play seven of your home games in those very same elements. Why they didn’t practice outside prior to the San Francisco game I don’t know.

But they don’t practice outside much once the weather turns, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the elements present as much a problem to some of their warmer weather players as their opponents when they come to Buffalo.

The elements are part of the game especially here, so you might as well get accustomed to playing in them all the time with almost half of your games here. Just my two cents.

5. Chris,
It seems that we aren’t hearing Poz’s name much during the telecasts.  Is he playing hurt?  If not, it seems his play has dropped off significantly.  Your thoughts.
Ed White

CB: I think Poz has been pretty consistent. More often than not Kawika Mitchell’s number is called for blitzes, so getting to the quarterback is not something Poz will be seen doing a whole lot. I feel he’s been pretty sound with his run reads and is in the top 10 in the league in tackles among linebackers.

He’s capable of the big play as evidenced by his heads up INT against the Jets. I think ‘solid’ is a fair way to describe his play this season.

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