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Fan Friday 12-26

Posted by Chris Brown on December 28, 2008 – 4:08 pm

Apologize for the delay with Fan Friday this week, but here it is. For some reason it never posted, and just realized it here on Sunday. As a reminder Fan Friday will continue throughout the offseason. Just send your questions to

1. I am worried about the fight in our team.  What’s up with that?  It seems like they lack a sense of urgency and will to win.  You are in the locker room and at the games so you can see more of what is happening. Anything you want to add?

CB: Well I will say that the sense of urgency was sorely lacking with this team for a good portion of the season. They did have last week against Denver, but as we all know it was much too late. Donte Whitner commented that the team underachieved this season and I couldn’t agree more.


2. Hey Chris,

Watching the Bills over the past few weeks has had me very confused. Why do many other teams make it look easy to go deep as they often take shots down field, but we seem to have “certain times” ( as Turk has been quoted saying ) where we bomb it down field? If Evans is covered why not a jump ball for Hardy or go-route for Roscoe? I feel like the Bills need to attempt going deep more to just stretch the field even if the pass is incomplete. Right?

Chris – Medina

CB: I agree with your theory. The Bills did try to go deep last week against the Broncos and got a pass interference penalty out of it. To me that’s as positive a result as a completion on a play like that. So hopefully that continues today and next season. I agree that Roscoe needs to be used to stretch the field more as well.


3. Hi Chris,

I understand that Angelo Crowell was placed on I-R when it was believed he was going to have knee-scoping surgery done during the preseason. Then I understand he elected not to take the surgery. Has anything happened since then? I know he’s going to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason, and will probably sign with a new team, but wouldn’t this inaction only prolong his recovery/healing time?

Vinny Lauricella

CB: Angelo did undergo surgery and the last I heard was to be recovered by mid-January. So for those that thought his injury was not serious, it was. He had microfracture surgery on his knee. Last word was that he was rehabbing in Florida. As for his future I think he will have to prove to a team that he is healthy and can play up to the standard he set with his performance over the first six years of his career. I wish him luck. He gave a lot to this team in his time here. Unfortunately I don’t anticipate him being re-signed by Buffalo.


4. Chris,
    Can you give us an idea of how we sit with regards to the salary cap for next year, and who our free agents are?  Once again, we do not have the talent level to reach the playoffs, especially at backup QB.  Thank you for your time.
John MacGaffick

CB: As for the salary cap the Bills are comfortably under the cap. My estimate is upwards of $25 million. Here are the Bills unrestricted free agents.

Kirk Chambers, Angelo Crowell, Jabari Greer, Melvin Fowler, J.P. Losman, Corey McIntyre, Teddy Lehman, Duke Preston, Jason Whittle.


5. Hi Chris,
               I was wondering your opinion on 2009 free agency. Who do you think the Bills will target if anyone, and at what positions? I’d like to see Buffalo make an offer for LB Bart Scott, and wide out T.J Houshmanzadeh. Go Bills!
Thanks, Mike

CB: Taking a cursory glance at free agency, it’s a pretty thin year. I think some help could be acquired at LB, but Bart Scott would be awfully expensive. Houshmanzadeh I anticipate will be franchised. Ironic, but Bryant Johnson is a free agent again. Any interest?

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