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Will Crowell re-sign with Bills?

Posted by Chris Brown on December 29, 2008 – 5:07 pm

With the whole decision to place Angelo Crowell on I-R apparently water under the bridge after Crowell met with Bills COO Russ Brandon today and no hard feelings on either side, what is the likelihood of Crowell re-signing with Buffalo?

I think there’s a 50-50 chance, which is a lot better than I had initially anticipated. Here’s why I think the Bills do have a shot provided he can show he’s fully recovered.

1. The people that have the most familiarity with his body of work in the league are the Bills. He will likely get more of the benefit of the doubt that he can play and play at a high level again in Buffalo than anywhere else where there will be more to prove.

2. Crowell will be affordable. Anyone who is on I-R in a contract year is going to have to accept the fact that they’re not going to hit the jackpot in free agency. It’s unfortunate for Crowell who has put some good years together, but he knows as well as anyone else that it’s a ‘what have you done for me lately league.’ Crowell will likely have to take a more modest contract with plenty of incentives and earn more pay with his play.

3. He’s tight with Kawika Mitchell. Crowell and Mitchell have been buds since they both came in together in the 2003 draft class. They were excited about playing together in the same linebacking corps. Crowell told me that Fletcher had Spikes. He saw the Mitchell addition this year as his Spikes. The two were joking around in the locker room on locker cleanout day and have a genuine respect for one another’s game. Playing with teammates you like and more importantly trust carries weight.

4. Familiarity. Crowell is going to have enough to worry about in terms of proving to himself that his knee is going to let him play the way he always has. Having to worry about moving to a new city, buying a new house, getting acquainted with new teammates and possibly a new defensive system might not be extra things Crowell wants to put on his plate as he tries to return to form.

Maybe I just want to see the guy make a successful comeback in a Bills uniform, and believe Crowell, Poz and Mitchell is a solid starting unit. Maybe Crowell was just putting on a good public face.

But if the Bills can re-sign him to an incentive-laden deal it’s one less hole for the Bills to fill this offseason.

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