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Fan Friday 1-2

Posted by Chris Brown on January 2, 2009 – 2:09 pm

Fan Friday 1-2

Happy new year everyone! Hopefully 2009 has more rewarding experiences for Bills fans than 2008. Here’s this week’s installment and you can always send your questions to

1. We need a solid backup QB and starter on this team. Trent Edwards is solid and is the future, who do you see the Bills bringing in to at least mentor Trent since JP is a lost cause?
North Little Rock AR

CB: J.P. is a free agent and will sign with another team this offseason. I think the Bills will try to sign a veteran free agent this offseason to be the backup QB. My personal favorite, who I believe is a realistic signing is Byron Leftwich. Cincinnati’s Ryan Fitzpatrick is another smart signal caller that I would consider as a number two. Other than that there’s not much out there.


2. Chris,

Is this the most disappointing year of the 8 year playoff drought?  This has to be worse than the year we blanked the Patriots 31-0 in the home opener right?  What offseason moves do you think are necessary?
What positions need the most help?

– Nick K.

CB: It certainly was a disappointing year. As for offseason moves I wouldn’t mind them trying again to trade for Tony Gonzalez, but they’ll have to wait until a new GM is in place in Kansas City. I’d also draft a pass catching tight end. But first and foremost they need to draft a pass rushing DE at 11. Center is a need I feel they have to address in free agency. I’d sign Matt Birk to a two-year deal to get more consistency on the interior and then draft another guard/center type to groom behind him. If Angelo Crowell can prove he’s healthy I’d also re-sign him.


3. We draft James Hardy specifically to be used in the red zone.  Being as big as he is, he could reach above DB’s for the end zone fade route.  Chris, I’ve seen it once this year, against Jacksonville.  Where is Turk on this?  If an average fan like me sees this, why are we paying Turk to do what he does?  Seems like a no-brainer to have Hardy in there for these situations but then, so does taking the ball when you win the coin toss. 
Marty Netzel

CB: Your question is certainly legitimate. They wanted a physical mismatch in the red zone to use opposite Lee Evans last offseason. Even if James Hardy was struggling with parts of the playbook and the staff didn’t want him on the field a lot, which was the case, you can still put him out there in the red zone to make jump ball plays for scores. I agree with your argument. Steve Johnson was used somewhat in this fashion at the end of the year when Hardy was on I-R, but for such a crying need, the staff didn’t use Hardy or Johnson nearly as much as I thought they would.


4. Hey Chris,
When was the last time the Bills went winless against their division for a season?  Thanks!
Edward P. Reilly III

CB: It was the 1976 season, when their only wins were over expansion Tampa Bay and Kansas City in a 2-12 season. Even in 1971 when the Bills went 1-13 their only win was against New England. This year was just the second time in team history Buffalo went winless in the division.


5. Chris,
Do you think this season could be called one of the most disappointing in Bills history?  There’s been seasons where the team finished with 2 or 3 wins and I didn’t feel this bad.  Can you give me anything to be optimistic about for 2009?
Jimi Jamm

CB: There’s no question that the season was a big letdown in light of the 5-1 start. As for positives, the defense improved in several categories, which I’ll be outlining soon on the home page. Special teams remains strong. The run game in the second half of the season was one of the more productive in the league and I still think Trent Edwards shows promise. What will that translate into in 2009? I don’t know, but those are the building blocks. A strong draft, the right two or three free agents and maybe a good trade and things could look a lot better. We’ll see.

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