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If Bradford stays, advantage Patriots

Posted by Chris Brown on January 14, 2009 – 8:36 pm

ESPN is reporting that Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford will announce later today that he’s returning to OU for his senior season. If that proves to be true advantage Patriots.


With Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford staying in school another year, the trade value of New England QB Matt Cassel just went up.

For a crummy team desperate for QB help (Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago, possibly the Jets, KC, etc.), with arguably two of the best college QBs out of the mix the Patriots will likely be able to ask for more for Cassel.

In all likelihood the Pats will have to franchise Cassel next month, and they might be able to hold firm to at least a first round pick as an asking price. Possibly more.

The only thing working against them is the health of Tom Brady’s knee and recovery time. If Brady’s recovery is lagging and they have to wait on moving Cassel, other teams might choose to move on and look at other options especially if it stretches to draft time.

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