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The way the Bills should pitch Peppers

Posted by Chris Brown on January 17, 2009 – 3:17 pm

While I’m not overly optimistic that the Bills would be able to land Julius Peppers in what is sure to be a bidding war, it is still in Buffalo’s best interest to make a pitch for his services.

Peppers in his public statement said he needed a change of scenery to realize his full potential. I think the Bills can appeal to that part of Peppers by using Marcus Stroud as a recruiter.

Stroud much like Peppers also needed a change of scenery and had a strong season and really came to like Buffalo. Buffalo from a fan perspective also came to like him.

Making him aware of the fact that the Bills finished 14th overall in defense without a pass rush and convincing him that with him as an addition they could easily be a top 10 defense, maybe just maybe Peppers could be convinced.

Granted there will be more successful teams in the league making similar recruiting efforts, but if the Bills can make it work money-wise then making a big push for him is worth the effort.

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