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Hardy will benefit from Evans ACL experience

Posted by Chris Brown on January 21, 2009 – 3:12 pm

James Hardy already appears to have the right mindset in taking on what will be a lengthy rehab from a torn ACL, but having Lee Evans as counsel will be valuable during the low points of his rehab.

Every athlete has bad days in a rehab this long. Evans even admitted to having a few especially in light of the fact that he had to have a second surgery after his knee wasn’t coming around following the first procedure leading up to his senior season.

“At time the process is very, very frustrating,” Evans told me shortly after being drafted in 2004. “At times there were some very low moments. During those low times I would sometimes doubt it, but those times were very few and far between.”

Evans said what got him through it was his love of the game and desire to play it at a level that he expected of himself. Hardy sounds as if he has that same mindset.

Hardy is not feeling sorry for himself.

“You can never ask why,” Hardy told  “As long as you live your life right good things are going to come your way. It doesn’t matter your age, you just have to do whatever you have to do to make sure you come out successful. There are no reasons why certain things happen to you. It’s just what God has for you.”

Knowing that Evans has visited with Hardy four times already since his injury has to be very encouraging to the Bills staff. Hardy told me that his mind was in the right place as far as what lies ahead with respect to his rehab, but that Evans’ support has him even more focused.

“I was ready to attack this before he talked to me,” said Hardy. “It just put more determination into it.”

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