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Senior Bowl standouts

Posted by Chris Brown on January 26, 2009 – 10:17 pm

By no means did I watch every snap of practice during the week, but I focused on the centers and defensive ends as much as I could.

I liked Oregon’s Max Unger at the center spot. There was some mixed opinion out there on just what kind of week he had, but I thought he fared well in the one-on-ones and showed some versatility at guard.

I wasn’t as impressed with what I saw of Cal’s Alex Mack. For a guy ballyhooed by some draft experts as the best in the draft, I just didn’t see it. I’m hoping the reps I saw in the practices were an aberration rather than the norm. The deeper the center class the better for the Bills.

At defensive end there were a couple of players I thought did well. Tennessee’s Robert Ayers stood out in practice almost as much as he did in the game. And at 273, he’s a pretty effective pass rusher despite carrying a little more than a lot of the other speed rushers as there are a handful of tweeners in this class.

That being said I was impressed by Northern Illinois Larry English’s burst off the ball. He did well in one-on-ones throughout the week.

I also thought UCONN’s Cody Brown did pretty well too.

At DT B.J. Raji (Boston College) and Peria Jerry (Ole Miss) were the most dominant interior D-linemen.

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