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FA C LeCharles Bentley not retired… yet

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2009 – 5:58 pm

Former Cleveland C LeCharles Bentley is open to a return to football provided it’s the right situation for him, though it’s hard to say what that means exactly.

In an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, he claims some teams are interested, but it wouldn’t be shocking to think that teams would be hesitant to sign him in light of all his injury problems. He’s certainly talented (2 Pro Bowls), but he’s also high risk. 

Bentley would have a lot to prove coming off of patellar tendon surgery and a nasty staph infection that almost cost him his leg. Then there’s the issue of not having played a game in three years. For the record he’ll turn 30 this November.

The Bills are certainly a team that needs center help, but pinning your hopes on a guy that has had four surgeries on his knee in the last three years is a risk. Plus if you consider what he told the Akron-Beacon Journal earlier this month, you wonder if he is at peace with where he’s at in his life right now not playing.

“There’s still offers out there, but I’m not entertaining anything right now,” Bentley told the Beacon Journal. “I’ve lived the NFL dream, better than 90 percent of the guys have ever lived it.”

Right now he’s opening an offensive lineman training academy to prepare kids for the college game, the combine and the NFL.

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