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Safeties & QBs see biggest franchise tag jump

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2009 – 3:25 pm

The NFLPA released the 2009 franchise and transition tag figures in their annual meeting and it appears quarterbacks and safeties will see the biggest increase from 2008.

Quarterbacks, whose franchise tag actually dropped from 2007 to 2008 ($12.6M to $10.7M), saw a 27% increase this year to $14.65M from the ’08 figure.

Safety, a position not usually benefiting from a sharp increase got a 31% bump this year as $6.34M is significantly higher than last year’s $4.4M.

Wide receivers had the third highest increase in franchise tag figure from the previous year up 22% to $9.88M.

Basically the movement up or down of the franchise tag hinges on what players signed blockbuster contracts at that position the previous year.

For example, part of the reason the franchise tag for safety went up so much was due in part to the extension for Baltimore’s Ed Reed last year (6 yrs. $40M, $15M bonus) and the ridiculous contract signed by Gibril Wilson with the Raiders (6 yrs. $39M, $16M guar.).

But if in a given free agent year there aren’t many big signings at a certain position, the tag figure can drop as was the case this year with the defensive tackle position, which saw the biggest drop of 6%. But with Albert Haynesworth due to sign for giant money, that figure will probably show an increase in 2010.

Only two other positions besides DT saw drops as tight ends and kickers and punters each dropped just 1%.

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