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2nd round mock

Posted by Chris Brown on February 3, 2009 – 2:36 pm

With all the first round mock drafts floating around out there, I’d thought a 2nd round mock would be interesting. I like what the National Football Post has put together with their second round.

They’ve got the Bills with the 43rd pick taking Rice TE James Casey. I’ll be honest, I’ve read more than I’ve seen of Casey, but I know he’s a mismatch in the passing game and that’s what Buffalo needs for their offense. For the record I wouldn’t mind Missouri’s Chase Coffman either, and NFP has him lasting until pick 53 going to Carolina, possibly with that foot injury dropping him down on some boards, who knows.

So for all those mocksters saying the Bills are taking Pettigrew in round one, I hope they’re wrong. If you can get a downfield tight end threat in round two, then it only further emphasizes the need to land a top flight pass rusher in round one.

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