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An excellent thought

Posted by Chris Brown on February 3, 2009 – 8:15 pm

Looking at ESPN Todd McShay’s latest mock draft, he has Penn State’s Aaron Maybin going to the Bills at 11 and lists him as a LB/DE.

Every time you hear about a tweener it’s usually saying a guy can either play end in a 4-3 or an OLB in 3-4. But if the guy is good enough to play OLB in a 3-4, why can’t he in a 4-3 especially on the strong side?

I kind of ruled Maybin out because of all the draft “experts” said he was a 3-4 OLB. But looking at it with an open mind, Buffalo does need help at the strong side linebacker spot, especially if Crowell is not re-signed.

Why not Maybin at strong side linebacker? Then on third downs you could line him up at end for passing situations when you’d be taking him off the field as a linebacker anyway in a nickel package.

I think Everette Brown might be capable of that as well, even though McShay has him coming off the board at 5 to Cleveland. I’m hearing from people in the know that Brown might not be strong enough to be an end in a 4-3 and hold up against the run.

While that’s disappointing to hear, if he runs in the 4.7’s at the combine, which I’m hearing he will do, then why can’t he be a strong side linebacker option as well, who lines up as a pass rusher on third downs?

Food for thought.

If both are athletically capable of doing that, then I’m all for taking either one. Let Kelsay grind on first and second down, then put the rookie at end opposite Schobel on third down and go get the quarterback.

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