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Bills the next Arizona?

Posted by Chris Brown on February 4, 2009 – 7:47 pm

Former Bills offensive lineman Ross Tucker took a look at the league and picked three teams that he thinks could go on an Arizona-like run in 2009. One of them was the Bills.

He also picked Houston and the 49ers. The best point he makes about the Bills is how they need to improve their depth so they’re able to press on and succeed despite costly injuries.

Once Schobel and Youboty went down there wasn’t enough depth, at the time, or at least that the coaching staff was ready to trust, to fill the void effectively enough on a week to week basis.

That’s why between free agency and the draft they need to add at least two studs and then plenty of quality depth that the staff is not hesitant to hand a big role should an injury to a veteran crop up.

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