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Butler did meet a Bills fan overseas

Posted by Chris Brown on February 11, 2009 – 3:01 pm

In Brad Butler’s trip overseas to visit with the troops the Bills guard did run into a Bills fan, just not where or how he expected to.

“I went to Paris for two days on the way back home to the States and the subway system there is notorious for being complex and I got turned around a bit and the first person I met and talked to there was from the States and they were big Bills fans from Buffalo,” said Butler. “So I did meet a Bills fan and I knew it was going to happen. As soon as I talked to him and he told me he was from the U-S and I asked where and he said from Buffalo. I knew it would happen.”

For the record Butler also confirmed that the troops were significantly more interested in the two Jills that accompanied him on the trip than him. Apparently Poz, who went to Iraq last year with some Jills in two told him that would be the case and the Bills linebacker wasn’t wrong.

One other footnote. The guy standing on the far left of the photo on the home page next to Butler is Bills former OL Aaron Merz.

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