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I’m off the Orakpo train

Posted by Chris Brown on February 12, 2009 – 1:32 pm

After watching some more Texas games from this season, I’m off the Brian Orakpo train. By no means am I denying that this guy is a dynamic talent and is a legit 4-3 pass rusher at end.

My problem is from what I can see he doesn’t have much more than a speed rush off the edge. That’s not going to translate into much success at the NFL level. You’ve got to have counter moves and an array of initial pass rush moves.

More importantly this guys takes plays off. If he’s going full tilt 70 percent of the time it’s a good day for him. If he’s going all out 70% of the time at the college level, what’s he going to do at the NFL level when the competition is stiffer, give up more often?

That’s a big concern for me and Texas players are famous for it. We got burned on Mike Williams, who had self-motivation issues. Cedric Benson, Michael Huff, Vince Young, even Ricky Williams who had some nice years in Miami is a head case.

Seeing what I see from Orakpo has me questioning if he isn’t one of another in a long line of Texas players with a sense of entitlement. If you think it’s owed to you coming into the NFL you’re not going to be an impact player. In the NFL you’ve got to work harder to earn it.

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