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QB Simms to re-sign with Titans?

Posted by Chris Brown on February 13, 2009 – 1:23 pm

With two free agent QBs and a wayward Vince Young under contract, the Titans have reportedly told Chris Simms they want him back. The Nashville City Paper spoke with Simms who told them the following.

“They reached out to my agent a little bit and contacted him, and I’ve had people reach out to me in the organization, too. To me, they’ve gone above and beyond by basically calling to say I was still on their radar and that they’d like to get something done.”

Sounds to me as if the Titans are trying to hedge their bets. Kerry Collins has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be a backup and may ultimately look elsewhere knowing that Vince Young is likely to get another shot at the starting  job.

Simms meanwhile is just looking for some job security and if Collins doesn’t return he can move up from a #3 to a backup.

Interestingly enough the Jets are apparently interested in a couple of FA QBs that I’d like to see the Bills pursue in Byron Leftwich and Ryan Fitzpatrick (as backups for the Bills of course). But the Jets are apparently not interested in Simms.

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