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Schonert on offensive game management

Posted by Chris Brown on February 20, 2009 – 5:45 pm

Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert addressed the offensive game management subject, which came up Thursday at the combine with head coach Dick Jauron. With respect to burning timeouts Schonert was pretty straightforward with some of what led to barely getting plays off at times and burning timeouts.

“It happens to everybody,” said Schonert. “New England wasted a timeout against us, but does anyone say anything about it? No, because they won the game. In the playoffs you saw teams burning timeouts. It happens. As long as it doesn’t happen all the time or five times a game. Through the course of the season and the plays, and where spots are. You’re getting a spotter telling you it’s 3rd-and-2 and now it’s really 3rd-and-1 and we’re closer than we thought or further than we thought and a change has to be made. Then we had instances where I called for Marshawn and Fred to be in at the same time, and then I’m told that Marshawn is not in the game and we can’t. So now a change has to be made. So there are things that go on in the season that force you to get a play in a little late so you just go and try to get it off and if you have to burn a timeout, you burn a timeout.”

“First half timeouts to me are overrated. If you have to burn a timeout you burn a timeout. Second half you want to try to keep  those for the end of the game obviously. But I learned from Bill Walsh. He said first half timeouts are overrated so if you have to use one don’t make a big deal out of it. If you don’t score at the end of the first half, you don’t score, you go in the locker room and regroup and come out with a whole half to go. If you have to do a two minute without timeouts in the first half you do it and make the best of it. The second half is a different story.”

While it is true that the Bills aren’t the only team that burned timeouts last season, there were more instances than Buffalo would have liked. Even Jauron acknowledged Thursday that they have to be more efficient.

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