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Role for Modrak to remain largely the same

Posted by Chris Brown on February 21, 2009 – 8:41 pm

Despite reports this offseason that Tom Modrak’s role within the Bills organization might be increasing, Modrak confirmed on Saturday that his position as VP of College Scouting is not changing in description or duty.

He was asked if he would be weighing in more on the pro side with respect to personnel. Modrak said that won’t be happening.

“I think it’s similar,” said Modrak of his role. “It’s been talked about a bit differently. Certainly Russ (Brandon) and Dick (Jauron) and the powers that be I’m certainly in those meetings and have a chance to voice my opinion, which I’m never reluctant to do. There are certainly people that are specialized in that area with John Guy and his group doing the pro things and they specialize in that with the coaches, but I’ll have an opinion.”

But it’s always been the general contention that Modrak has always provided opinion with respect to the direction of the franchise with respect to personnel. That’s why he said his role will be the same.

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