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Moving Poz outside only an option

Posted by Chris Brown on February 22, 2009 – 2:59 pm

Just finished talking with Bills defensive coordinator Perry Fewell here at the combine and he was asked about whether he’d be open to moving Paul Posluszny outside if the right MLB talent was available either in free agency or the draft. Here was his response.

“That’s a question we’ve asked ourselves,” said Fewell. “I’m very comfortable with Poz being in the middle. If we had to do something where we’d have to move him out (from the middle) I would speak to Paul first about that. I think that’s a great option for us because he gives us some flexibility and you do want to draft the next best player.

“I would see Paul (still) running our defense like he did last year if we did make that move, but that’s all speculation right now. Whatever happens on draft day or in free agency will determine whether we can afford to make that move or not.”

Now Fewell asserted that moving Poz to OLB is not Plan ‘A’, but acknowledged it is an option if a certain set of circumstances unfolds.

“That’s not plan ‘A’, but it’s a possibility,” Fewell said.

I should also mention that Fewell has also been asking linebackers in interviews if they’ve played other positions to see if an inside linebacker, for example, would be able to move outside, thus leaving Poz where he is.

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