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Royal just never panned out

Posted by Chris Brown on February 26, 2009 – 10:04 pm

Former Bills GM Marv Levy, really thought that Robert Royal was going to blossom into a dependable all-around tight end given the opportunity to be a regular starter. But it never materialized.

Royal, despite having career numbers this past year, unfortunately became part of a long line of tight ends for the Bills that never became a proven answer at the spot. He was a hard worker, as evidenced by his rigorous rehab schedule this past offseason when he came back from knee surgery, but the production on the field just wasn’t there from a playmaking perspective.

And his recent tendency to fumble only made it worse. He had four in the last two seasons and all resulted in turnovers. Buffalo’s tight end position has gone unfulfilled for most of the team’s history. Having a game breaking receiving option there for Trent Edwards could do wonders for Buffalo’s offense.

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