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Toomer waiting for the phone to ring

Posted by Chris Brown on March 2, 2009 – 9:59 pm

Giants FA WR Amani Toomer says on his blog that he has no teams lined up for visits as of yet. At age 35 I can’t say that’s surprising. In all likelihood Toomer will part of a secondary or maybe even tertiary wave of signings after a lot of the money has been spent.

A team that misses out on a primary candidate may look to Toomer to help them for a year or two.

Personally I think Toomer still has at least one more good season left in the tank if used properly. In his blog he says he’d like to play two or three more seasons. I think two is realistic.

If the Bills miss out on Coles and no other better options crop up, I could see them taking a look see at Toomer.

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