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Post combine position rankings

Posted by Chris Brown on March 3, 2009 – 8:53 pm

With the combine in the rearview mirror the National Football Post listed their updated positions rankings. There were a couple of positions where they were clearly influenced by the workouts, particularly of South Carolina TE Jared Cook, who is now listed as their number three tight end prospect. They also moved Southern Miss’ Shawn Nelson ahead of Oklahoma State’s Brandon Pettigrew for the top spot at tight end.

Now I like Shawn Nelson a lot, but I don’t think he’s as good as Pettigrew. I may buy the argument that Nelson has more upside, but Pettigrew is the more polished NFL ready player at that position.

I should also mention that NFP specializes positions, such as third down back and 3-4 OLB, where Everette Brown is listed in the top spot.  Right behind him they have Clay Matthews, who granted had a monster workout and indications are interviewed well, but I don’t know if that vaults him ahead of USC teammate Brian Cushing or Connor Barwin, who had a magnificent workout in his own right.

Also at 4-3 DE having Robert Ayers ahead of Aaron Maybin is a bit surprising. Ayers is no safer a pick after only one year of production at Tennessee and Maybin has more upside and is more athletic.

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