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Best part about T.O. radio interview

Posted by Chris Brown on March 11, 2009 – 7:10 pm

Knowing Terrell Owens is a pretty self-motivated player to begin with, I think the best part about T.O.’s interview on the FAN 590 in Toronto this afternoon was the following comment when asked if he’s still stinging from his release from the Cowboys.

“(I was) just shocked about being released by Dallas,” said Owens. “Blindsided. I’m still going through those moments thinking about whether it really happened. I’m not going to get over it until I get up to Buffalo and doing the things that I do playing football, being around the guys and scoring touchdowns and making things happen there. I’m more motivated now than I’ve ever been. I feel it was an unfair situation, but when life gives you lemons it’s time to make lemonade.”

Owens also said he’s glad that his new teammates are giving him a clean slate and not adopting the media’s portrayal of him as a teammate. He also called Marshawn a very exciting back and mentioned Fred Jackson as well.

What’s great is Owens is aware that people are doubting him because he’s 35 and the Cowboys clipped him. Owens is motivated to succeed to begin with, but now with doubters out there, he’s going to be supremely focused.

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