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Owens ‘fall guy’ comment the truth

Posted by Chris Brown on March 11, 2009 – 1:29 pm

Looks as if Terrell Owens comment to that he was the “fall guy” for Dallas’ 9-7 season last year had far more truth to it than most critics had thought. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones confirmed in a radio interview Tuesday that Owens was not released because T.O. failed the chemistry test in the locker room.

Jones claimed it was done to allow Roy Williams to emerge as the true number one receiver on their offense. I suppose when you give up a 1st, 3rd and 7th round pick for one receiver you better make him your go-to guy in your passing game. Jones also played the age card, saying they wanted to make better use of their younger receivers, knowing Owens is 35.

Seems like a flimsy reason to cut loose one of the most prolific playmakers in football, but the Williams trade is undoubtedly a potential albatross for Jones. The Cowboys clearly overpaid to acquire Williams, and if he’s not made the top wideout and does not have #1 WR numbers, the organization will be reamed by the Dallas press all the more for making the transaction.

So if T.O. remained on the Cowboys roster and outperformed Williams in 2009 it would have reflected poorly on Dallas’ personnel department in light of what they gave up to acquire the former Lions receiver. 

Of course if T.O. has better numbers than Williams while playing in Buffalo this season, the criticism might be even worse.

Jones also stated that Owens still had the support of his coaches with the Cowboys.

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