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Hardy sees Owens as positive for him

Posted by Chris Brown on March 12, 2009 – 5:10 pm

Appearing on his hometown television station in Fort Wayne, IN this past weekend, James Hardy is clearly looking forward to learning more about the NFL game in his second season at the elbow of new teammate Terrell Owens.

“I welcome him with open arms because he’s going to help me,” Hardy told WANE-TV. “I’m ready for him to teach me everything.”

Hardy being of similar stature hopes that Owens can share some of his playmaking wisdom with him as he tries to develop his game.

“I’m going to be like a college student in the hardest class with my notebook out every day so he can teach me about everything he’s done on the field,” said Hardy of Owens. “He may be here for only one year, but I’m going to try to pick his brain apart this season.”

Hardy also told WANE-TV that he won’t be practicing with his teammates this summer until near the end of training camp and said he was told he’d probably be able to play in the final preseason game. Here’s the whole interview.

Personally I think the best part of the Owens acquisition for Hardy is it takes the pressure off him entering year two. He can focus on his personal game, improve, get the offense down and tighten up his routes while Owens is making plays on the field. Coming off a serious knee injury and missing all of the spring camps and most of training camp would have made it very difficult for Hardy to make a big impact in 2009.

I’m not saying he can’t make an impact, and it would be a great story if he does, but now he won’t feel like he’s letting his teammates down if the knee holds him back at all because there’s a premier playmaking veteran manning the starting role opposite Evans.

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