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Peters trying to guard against uncapped year

Posted by Chris Brown on March 13, 2009 – 3:12 pm

If the Buffalo News report on Jason Peters’ contract demands are accurate, there’s a logical explanation as to why he and his agent are taking that approach.

Peters and his agent realize that the 2010 season could be an uncapped year if there is no new CBA in place after the NFL owners opted out early in a vote last year.

Wanting to be the highest paid OT in the league now, increases his likelihood of still being in the top 5 highest paid OTs in the game even after next offseason should an uncapped year become a reality.

Knowing contracts for franchise left tackles could be through the roof in an uncapped year Peters doesn’t want to get stuck with another contract that falls way below market value.

That’s what happened to him the last time. He was stuck in a contract that was outdated with respect to current market value. But that’s not Buffalo’s fault. At the time Peters was nothing. He had played all of nine games at right tackle and Buffalo invested in him with a very generous contract for a former undrafted player that showed some promise.

And while it’s understandable that the Peters camp doesn’t want to get caught in a deal that is outdated in a year they can’t expect the Bills to give him a contract that’s supposed to predict the future.

The Bills have to negotiate in the here and now, and if the Buffalo News report is accurate, what Buffalo is offering is more than fair.

If Peters wants a new contract now, he’s going to have to accept the market conditions as they are now, not how they might be a year from now. Otherwise he should wait another year and see if there’s an uncapped year or not. But I’m pretty confident Peters does not want to do that.

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