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Jets don’t have QB to swap for Cutler

Posted by Chris Brown on March 17, 2009 – 1:36 pm

As much speculation as there is in New York right now about the Jets possibly making a play for Jay Cutler I don’t see it happening. First, they don’t have many attractive chips they can offer Denver outside of the 17th pick.

The Broncos want a starting QB in return, which ironically is what Denver was trying to acquire in the first place, when Cutler got wind of what new head coach Josh McDaniels was trying to do (acquire Matt Cassel).

More importantly, with new head coach Rex Ryan preaching a physical defensive style to win games, they probably don’t want a QB like Cutler. Sure he’s a great physical talent, but he takes too many risks and sometimes believes a little too much in what his arm can do. Granted he has a great arm, but his decision making is suspect at times and gets him into trouble almost as much as it helps him.

The Jets aren’t going to win with defense if Cutler is slinging it all over the pitch and throws 20 picks. As much as the NY media might put heat on the Jets to get him, I’m not convinced they’ll pull the trigger because without a starting QB to offer in return they’d have to grossly overpay to get him.

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