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No love for Jabari

Posted by Chris Brown on March 17, 2009 – 2:30 pm

In an ESPN writeup on the new emerging cornerbacks in the NFC South, former Bill Jabari Greer, now with the Saints, is prominently mentioned. The only problem is the photo at the top of the story of Greer in a Bills uniform is actually a photo of Bills safety George Wilson.

The oversight would have been understandable if Greer recently changed from 37 to 33. Greer did once wear number 37, but that was five years ago as a rookie in 2004. He’s worn 33 the last four seasons.

Greer also was not a team captain last season and Wilson’s captain patch is clearly visible in the photo.

By no means are we perfect either at, but somebody in the ESPN art department needs to show Greer some love.

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