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Hardy assures number situation with T.O. resolved

Posted by Chris Brown on March 23, 2009 – 3:36 pm

Despite the fact that media reports made a big to-do about James Hardy having to surrender jersey number 81 to Terrell Owens, Hardy laid out how the whole thing really transpired stating there was never any ill will over the number issue.

“When he came here I knew it was going to be a situation with the number,” said Hardy. “It was very important to him, and coming out of college the number wasn’t really that important to me. I had 82 and they sort of handed me 81 when I got here. And Randy Moss has always been my favorite, so since he has 81 I stuck with it.

“But now that we have a Hall of Famer coming in, I talked to Russ about it, the best decision was to give him the jersey because that what he had his entire career. So I went to 84 since Randy Moss is my favorite. The number was never a big deal to me, it was just communication-wise and how it came out in the media. But it’s all been resolved.”

Hardy is now wearing 84. Moss wore 84 when he played in Minnesota.

Hardy explained how he knew what was coming right away. When all his teammates started calling to talk to him about the T.O. signing.

“I got phone calls from teammates and the first thing they were all telling me was I was going to give him my number,” said Hardy smiling.

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