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17 or 18 game regular season by 2011?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2009 – 8:05 pm

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell floated his idea for a 17 or 18 game regular season at the league meetings in California. Goodell is hopeful that a proposal can be put before the owners in May for a vote.

This would obviously mean the end to four preseason games, which Goodell feels is unnecessary.

“It’s possible that we could vote in May, but we want to have core discussions on this,” Goodell said at the league meetings Wednesday. “Anytime you have change, there is some reluctance. But it’s clear we don’t need four preseason games anymore.”

Of course a new CBA would have to be in place along with the blessing of the NFLPA to increase the regular season. And an expanded regular season would not take effect until 2011 at the earliest.

Personally I like the idea of lengthening the regular season and eliminating preseason games. And for Bills fans they’d get eight home games again now that one is played in Toronto in the regular season. What do you think?

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