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Be interesting to see if Raji drops

Posted by Chris Brown on April 3, 2009 – 1:38 pm

With the report that Boston College DT B.J. Raji tested positive at the combine for marijuana, it’ll be interesting to see what it does to his draft stock. Raji was not expected to last beyond the sixth overall pick.

Raji did test positive for marijuana during his time at BC and NFL scouts were made aware of that. If this report is accurate Raji has no one but himself to blame for the millions of dollars he could potentially cost himself.

His situation is not unlike that of Warren Sapp. If you recall back in 1995 draft, Sapp, much like Raji, was the clear top defensive tackle in the class, with a severe drop off after him. Sapp also had some marijuana issues leading up to the draft.

Sapp was forecast as a top five pick. Where did he wind up coming off the board? Number 12 to Tampa.

I’d expect Raji to fall into a similar scenario. The DT class this year is a little better than it was in ’95, but I don’t see Raji taking a giant drop. How far do you think he falls?

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