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Bills called DE Taylor (per Miami Herald)

Posted by Chris Brown on April 3, 2009 – 8:54 pm

After Jason Taylor became a free agent the Bills were one of the many teams that called to inquire about his level of interest in playing for them. No word on what the answer was, but Taylor seems to be biding his time for a reason.

I’m hearing that the Patriots efforts to land Julius Peppers in a trade are not dead yet. So my thinking is Jason Taylor, who has said he’d like to play for New England, is going to lay low for now and see if anything happens with Peppers.

If a Peppers deal doesn’t happen he’ll push to sign with New England and probably get a little more money from New England with Peppers no longer an option (more leverage for Taylor).

If a Peppers trade with New England does happen, then Taylor considers his other options (just a hunch).

Buffalo did the smart thing, if the source for Herald colunist Armando Salguero is on the money. They expressed interest so if and when Taylor begins to look to sign somewhere he’s aware that Buffalo is an option.

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