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Pats have most draft flexibility

Posted by Chris Brown on April 8, 2009 – 7:32 pm

In a scenario we’re all unfortunately too used to seeing, of the four teams in the AFC East, the Patriots will have the greatest draft flexibility come April 25th.

New England not only has the most total draft picks of the four teams (12), they also have four in the top 60 and six in the top 90. Even if they hit on only half of them, it will be valuable upgrading for a team that already is benefiting from the return of Tom Brady.

The Dolphins are next with nine total picks and three in the top 60, four in the top 90.

Then the Bills with their seven original picks, one in each round, can move around a bit with three picks in the top 75.

New York has the least maneuverability with only six picks and just two in the top 75. The Jets would likely have to include picks from 2010 to make any major moves up the board on draft weekend.

Here are the picks for each team.

Draft choices: Nos. 11, 42, 75, 110, 147, 183, 220

Draft choices: Nos. 25, 44, 56, 87, 126, 161, 214, 232, 237

New England
Draft choices: Nos. 23, 34, 47, 58, 89, 97, 124, 159, 170, 199, 207, 234

New York
Draft choices: Nos. 17, 52, 76, 115, 193, 228

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