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Peters on Sirius NFL Radio

Posted by Chris Brown on April 20, 2009 – 8:03 pm

New Philadelphia Eagles LT Jason Peters appeared on Sirius NFL Radio Monday and had some interesting comments, some which aren’t completely accurate.

Talking with co-hosts Adam Schein and Jim Miller, Peters was asked why a long term agreement couldn’t be worked out with the Bills.

Peters: “To be honest, I don’t know.  I wasn’t trying to get a whole lot of money.  I just wanted to get what I deserved and they couldn’t reach an agreement.”

My take: C’mon man, you were trying to get $11.5M per season out of Buffalo, and then you took less from Philly. Six years $60M. 

Schein then asked him about the five-year deal the Bills gave him after just nine starts at right tackle and if the Bills told him he had to play it out and then he’d get a new one. 

Peters:  “Somewhat.  When they gave me that deal it was for right tackle and then they moved me over which right there I was wanting a new deal because I was playing left tackle.  So I played two more years on that deal.  That was the whole big argument.  They gave me a deal based on right tackle and then when I moved to left tackle I played two seasons under the old contract so that was the big argument.”

My take: This is also inaccurate. The reason why is there were incentives built into that five-year contract, which accounted for his move from right to left tackle. Are we really supposed to think that his agent did not have language put in a long term deal that reflected a move to left tackle and financial compensation in the form of incentives as a result?

Schein later asked Peters if he had any regrets about holding out and if he was in top shape when he finally reported. 

Peters:  “No, no I wasn’t.  It took about three games, three, four weeks until I got to 100%.  I wasn’t 100% when I came back. No regrets though.  That was the only leverage I had, you know, to hold out.  That’s the only thing the player can do.  I can’t do no more besides holding out.  That was the only leverage I had.”

My take: Finally some truth. It was clear he was not in game shape when he came back. That’s why he had to get subbed out a handful of times in the Jacksonville game in Week 2, when Langston Walker nobly flipped back and forth between right and left tackle during a game with 102 degree heat.

As for holding out being his only leverage, he’s right it is the only way for a player to take a stand. But I think things could have played out a lot better for both sides had he not done so.

He alienated himself from his teammates that had big plans in 2008 and he could have been a big part of that, and he certainly didn’t do the coaching staff any favors.

Either way that drama is behind the Bills now, and with nine picks at their disposal they can re-load.

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