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Rhodes is “an angry little guy”

Posted by Chris Brown on April 20, 2009 – 5:27 pm

Buffalo’s newest running back Dominic Rhodes, (pronounced Dom-in-eek) met the WNY media moments ago and he is eager to get started. He also affirmed that he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Standing just 5’9″ and 203 and coming out of Midwestern State, he’s always been doubted.

“Coming from a small school and always having these labels, there’s just a perception that people have,” said Rhodes. “Every time I get on the field I’m an angry little guy. I’m always trying to make myself be felt by everyone. I feel in my career I’ve opened some eyes and people definitely respect me for the way I compete on the field. I leave everything out there every Sunday.”

Rhodes also admitted to harboring some bitterness toward the Colts for not trying harder to re-sign him after having a career-high 45 receptions for them last season as well as a career-high 9 touchdowns.

“I was real surprised about it especially after the year I had,” said Rhodes. “The Colts I was a little bitter, but then I started to understand that it’s a business and that’s how it goes. I know how Bill Polian is, but I knew they wanted me. It was a frustrating time for me.

When asked if he’ll have something special in store for the Colts when they come to Ralph Wilson Stadium in the season finale on Jan. 3 this coming season, Rhodes was focused on the bigger picture.

“Most definitely,” said Rhodes. “Forget the last game, I’m thinking about all 16 games. I want them to understand that I’m hurt. But I’m excited about this situation where they’re putting together some great pieces.”

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