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Could LB Curry be option for Bills at 11?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 21, 2009 – 1:42 pm

With the rapid ascent of USC QB Mark Sanchez into the top 10 and Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin reportedly coveted by Oakland’s Al Davis, a premier linebacker talent could be slipping all the way out of the top 10 in Wake Forest’s Aaron Curry.

Once thought to be a lead pipe lock top five pick, Curry is sliding according to several draft insiders because he’s considered by most to a be a strong side linebacker. That’s the one that grinds with the tight end in the run game and does most of the dirty work.

If Curry slips out of the top 10 and is still on the board when the Bills pick, that’s going to make for a very difficult decision. Strong side linebacker is unquestionably a need, and Curry might be the safest pick in the draft, but he is not going to help your pass rush.

I want to say that a pass rusher is still the play at 11, despite the trade of Peters and the possibility of Curry slipping to 11, but Curry is special. If he slid that far it would really give me pause if I had to make that call.  

Granted, Buffalo could still get a solid linebacker prospect at 28, 42 or heck even 75 that could compete for that starting role vacated by Angelo Crowell.

But Curry is a great talent and a future defensive captain (he has that kind of presence). If it’s Everette Brown and Aaron Curry at 11, it’s a good dilemma.

If you believe in getting your big men early you take Brown and help Buffalo’s pass rush. If you believe in trusting the value on your board I think you take Curry. What would you do?

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