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NFL draft to go 3 days next year?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 28, 2009 – 2:36 pm

If you thought the draft’s later start time (4pm) last Saturday was tough, you may not have seen anything yet. NFL public relations man Brian McCarthy just tweeted an idea to fans on twitter, where asked for thoughts on the following.

nflprguy: We’re thinking of taking #nfldraft primetime. 1st rd thurs, 2-3 rds Fri nite, 4-7 Sat. Good/bad idea? What do u think?

I’m not opposed to breaking it up, and not losing a whole weekend (this proposal removes Sunday) would be cool, but three days? That might be a little much. I love the draft, but that’s really dragging things out it seems. Go and tell him what you think.

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