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Joe D. bike run update

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2009 – 2:35 pm

Joe DeLamielleure along with former Michigan St. teammate Eljay Bowron and John Shinsky are six days into their 2,000-mile bike run to Matamoros, Mexico to benefit the City of Children orphanage as they’re trying to raise money for the completion of the orphanage project. Of course an issue that has come up for the riders is the swine flu.

Shinsky, who has spearheaded the charity effort, provided the following update on their course plans in light of the swine flu.

Many people have asked us how we were going to deal with the swine flu issue when we get to Matamoros Mexico.  The answer is a simple one.  As we planned this trip, it has always been our strong belief that the health and safety of the bike riders is of utmost importance.  In the case of the swine flu, we are continuing to obtain accurate and current information about the status of the swine flu by receiving State Department advisories throughout each day. 

This information will help us make the final decision as to whether we ride into Mexico or not.  We have 13 more days to see how this unfolds and plan to make our decision at that time.  However, our decision will be made based on the priority of protecting the health and safety of our riders.

If we are not able to ride into Mexico, we will make sure that we complete the remaining miles needed in Brownsville Texas, to ensure that we reach our goal of 2000 miles for the entire trip. 

The three riders including Joe D. are currently in southwest Kentucky and are scheduled to reach the Tennessee state line by day’s end. They provide daily written updates on their progress. You can follow their progress and make a donation online.

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