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Fan Friday 5-1

Posted by Chris Brown on May 1, 2009 – 9:08 pm

Fan Friday 5-1

We’re into May and rookie minicamp. But there’s plenty of free agent and trade talk as well as a little post-draft so here we go.

1. Chris,
     Its my understanding that Aaron Maybin weighed about 250lbs. at Penn States pro day, at which he displayed consistant 4.6 speed.  Is it likely the Bills will have him continue his growth atleast 10 more pounds, and if so does his quickness remain the same?


CB: Maybin addressed this issue at rookie camp today. He said he’s not going to hurry to put more weight on, but sees himself adding 5 to 10 more pounds over the next year or so to be near 260. He believes this is a weight he can handle without sacrificing his trademark speed off the edge. We have to remember the guy just turned 21 years old. He’s still filling out. So I think that 258 to 260 is realistic in a year or so.


2. Chris,
There are rumors that the Steelers are going to release or trade Larry Foote. It was also reported that the Steelers were interested in Roscoe Parrish. How about a trade or if they release him I think we should sign him. I love his grit.

CB: I don’t see any of what you’re suggesting happening. First, Foote is a two down player in Pittsburgh’s 3-4 system. He simply doesn’t have the foot speed to play in Buffalo’s defensive system, in which he’d have to cover more ground and be lined up further from the ball.

Second, while the Steelers were looking for receiver help and a return man, they just signed free agent WR Shaun McDonald which fills at least the receiver need.


3. Chris,

Now that Denver is loaded with RB’s again they have released Selvin Young is there any chance that that the Bills will pursue him. I don’t think he is the caliber player of Lynch or Jackson but her could be our #2 until Lynch returns from injury and our #3 when he returns.

Young looked very promising last year even though he was hit hard with a hamstring injury and I think he would be a great addition. I would be interested in hearing you thoughts on this.


CB: Sorry I don’t see the Bills being interested in Selvin Young. Their top three backs on the depth chart are set with Lynch, Jackson and Dominic Rhodes. With youngsters Xavier Omon and Bruce Hall also in the fold I don’t see room for Young and in my opinion he’s not enough of a difference maker where he’d be a major upgrade.


4. Do the Bills have “open” tryouts, or in other words “walk-ons”? Is that what is going on this weekend? Also, do players have to be invited to these tryouts and when are they?
Thanks for your time!
-Brian in Rochester-

CB: The Bills brought in 30 “tryout” players for the rookie minicamp. They’re not considered the same as the draft picks or undrafted free agent signings because they’re all under contract.

Thirty is the most the Bills have had. They’re mostly players they have worked out in the past over the last year or so. Some are fresh out of college too. They’ve got three days to make a good impression, and after that they might be signed. Otherwise their back on the street looking for work.

The most interesting tryout player is WR De’Cody Fagg. The Florida State product was at the combine last year and ripped up his knee requiring surgery. He looked pretty good today with some limited opportunities. It’s hard to tell if he’s all the way back. May have to talk to him.


5. Chris,

Who do you think will be starting beside Poz and Mitchell at linebacker?  Do you think the Bills are watching for any free agents?  I noticed that LaVar Arrington was in town when Maybin met the media.  Do you think anybody in the front office has flirted with the idea of inviting him to try out?  He was a three-time pro-bowl linebacker and is only 30 years old.  If he is still in shape and all healed up from his injuries, why not?  Please pass this along to Coach Jauron or Russ Brandon…

-Joe Maciag

CB: Arrington is not an option. He’s retired and part of Aaron Maybin’s management team. After a motorcycle accident reclaiming his career really wasn’t an option anymore. Plus his style of play put a lot of miles on his tires quickly. I think they’ll see how Nic Harris (5th round pick) blends in through the spring and possibly even early training camp. If they don’t feel they’ve upgraded the position at all they make look around at that time.

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