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Maybin’s first step more than just fast

Posted by Chris Brown on May 1, 2009 – 9:14 pm

In taking the time to watch Aaron Maybin at work coming off the edge today (granted against air), there’s no mistaking his quick first step. It’s evident and there every time. As I looked closer, I think I understand there’s more at work there than just great explosion and athletic ability.

Maybin’s feet are huge. After taking a look at those canoes at the end of his legs I asked him what size shoe he takes. His answer?

“15,” said Maybin.

That’s a lot of skin to be laying down on the turf and a lot to push off of as well when trying to get upfield. Don’t get me wrong, explosion and quick twitch ability is the key, but those size 15s can’t hurt either!

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