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Maybin jersey number not set in stone

Posted by Chris Brown on May 5, 2009 – 3:39 pm

The jersey numbers for Buffalo’s rookies are not set in stone, especially that of top pick Aaron Maybin. Maybin wore 58 at the Bills rookie camp over the weekend.

“I wore 59 at Penn State, so I wanted to have the closest number to my college number,” said Maybin last Friday.

Jersey number 59 was available only for a short time after Kawika Mitchell switched to 55, but it was snapped up by free agent LB signee Pat Thomas before the draft.

However, if Maybin is listed as only a defensive end 58 will not be an option. Defensive ends can’t wear a number in the 50s according to league rules.

Now there are exceptions like Atlanta’s John Abraham, but I’ve been told Abraham was grandfathered in as he wore a 50’s number prior to the rule being instituted.

If Maybin is listed as an OLB/DE then he may be able to keep 58, but as it’s been explained to me, it is not a lock that he’ll be 58 this season.

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