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The thing about Wood and Levitre

Posted by Chris Brown on May 7, 2009 – 9:30 am

If Wood and Levitre are able to nail down the starting guard roles on the offensive line as rookies, it’s both a good thing and a worrisome thing.

Good because it means they’re long term solutions at those positions capable of manning those jobs for years and years. The reason it’s worrisome is because they’re going to have their peaks and valleys in year one like all rookies do. It also means that every single position on the offensive line will be manned by a different person than it was last year.

That’s not a bad thing in terms of talent because I believe the talent of this year’s group is better. It’s worrisome in terms of getting it all to jell together and be cohesive and consistent from the very start of the season.

Five guys all in new places and three new faces on one offensive line is a lot to pull together even for hard working blue collar players like the ones Buffalo now has in the fold.

In time I think it can be a great line, it just might take the first half of the season to really get it humming.

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