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Posted by Chris Brown on May 8, 2009 – 2:30 pm

Personnel moves are still the hot topic for Bills fans as many want to know if the roster will be tweaked any further in free agency. Let’s roll.

1. Hello Chris,
I just want 2 know if Jason Taylor is coming 2 the Buffalo Bills

David Callway

CB: Though the Bills have made it known to the Jason Taylor camp that they would be interested in his services, it appears that Taylor’s top two preferences are New England and Tampa Bay. New England because he feels it’s a great chance at a Super Bowl ring and Tampa because it is in close proximity to his family, which is based in south Florida.


2. What do you think the reason is the Bills have not given Fred Jackson a contract yet? Why do the Bills not take care of the good players. They just seem slow to give a contract to a good player. We are lucky to have such a good #2 RB…He could be a #1. He just seems to get better the more he plays.
Chris Kahley

CB: Your question is a valid one. Jackson has been a proven performer and has stepped in admirably when Marshawn Lynch has been out with injury the past two seasons (e.g. Washington in 2007, Denver in 2008).

However, I have to take issue with your comment that the Bills do not take care of the good players. Brad Butler, Kyle Williams and Terrence McGee were all signed to long term extensions relatively early in their careers.

Butler and Williams were done just last year. I don’t know if Jackson will benefit in the same way, but he certainly can make a case for himself.


3. Chris,
     What’s the status on John McCargo?  How’s his back?  Has he been working out in Buffalo?  If so how has he looked in his work outs?  Do you think he can overcome his injuries and make a jump in his game this year?

CB: McCargo has been one of the most frequent attendees of the offseason conditioning program. He’s healthy and it seems as though he has really taken a new approach to the game, which is encouraging. I saw him the other day and he looks very fit and has noticeably muscled up.

I really hope this is a year in which he emerges. He’s got a new line coach now, which I think is a big factor knowing he and Kollar never got along very well.


4. Hey Chris,

Do you have a lot of hope that the O-Line is going to come together before the start of the ’09 season or are you nervous like I am?
Thanks for any response,
Baltimore, MD

CB: I’m very hopeful that the offensive line will come together quickly, but the fact remains that if Eric Wood and Andy Levitre are capable of nailing down the two starting spots at guard, then that means that every offensive line position will be manned by a different player from last year. Left to right in that scenario it would be Walker, Levitre, Hangartner, Wood, Butler.

That’s a lot of talent, but there’s also a lot of chemistry that has to be developed in a short amount of time. And putting it together on the practice field isn’t the same as live bullets on game day.

I like the group a lot, but history has shown a completely revamped line in Buffalo or anywhere else in the league can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks into the season to really hit their stride. Here’s hoping the Bills are on the fast track.


5. Hey Chris,
With the Bills drafting a DE this year in Maybin would it put Chris Kelsay’s starting job in danger or Aaron Schobel’s?
T. Hubert

CB: I don’t think either of their jobs is in danger for 2009. Aaron Maybin is a fantastic talent, but he just turned 21and his body still has to mature and fill out. I don’t believe the Bills see him as an every down player as a rookie. I think he’ll be a pass rush specialist primarily in year one and as he improves his strength he’ll eventually step in as the starting left defensive end. He’s a top 15 selection, he’s going to start sooner rather than later.

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