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Jackson just another Bills player excited about T.O. addition

Posted by Chris Brown on May 14, 2009 – 1:44 pm

In the time Fred Jackson took to talk to the media Wednesday about his new contract with the Bills he also was asked about his thoughts on the addition of Terrell Owens. Naturally the guy was happy knowing how much Owens’ presence will help the run game.

“Nobody is happier than I am about T.O. being here,” said Jackson. “It’s going to take a lot of pressure off of the running game. Safeties aren’t going to be able to stand in the box like they were. To combine him with Lee (Evans) is just going to do some tremendous things for our offense. I know, and I talked to Marshawn, he’s just as excited as I am, we’re happy about and we’re looking forward to playing with him.”

With Jackson and Dominic Rhodes set to carry the load for the first three games it has to be exciting knowing that eight in the box won’t be something they see nearly as much as they have in the past.

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