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A new energy post-Peters?

Posted by Chris Brown on May 18, 2009 – 8:02 pm

Trent Edwards said he was “anxious” to get started, Terrell Owens used the word “pumped” for the season. And Kawika Mitchell sees a more talented and deeper defensive unit. But what Edwards said Monday makes you wonder if this team feels like a weight has been lifted since the departure of last year’s holdout Jason Peters.

“Everything’s going great, I’m excited,” said Edwards. “I’m just anxious, I can’t wait for the football season to get here and I’m happy for the way things are going and the guys and the turnout that we have here. We have everyone showing up and working and that’s really what we need.”

Edwards’ last comment said the most. The only no shows that weren’t restricted by a league rule (Jairus Byrd, Danny Urrego) from the Bills roster for the first voluntary workout Monday were Dominic Rhodes and Corey McIntyre.

Not having a major cog on your offense or defense holding out does a lot to remove distraction. There just seemed to be a breath of fresh air about this team when they showed up for OTAs Monday.

Did Edwards have Jason Peters in mind when he made that comment? Probably not, but it doesn’t change the fact that the team was held hostage by Peters last offseason, and it affected the team, and not positively, when he wasn’t the same player on the field in 2008.

If things went down the same path again this offseason, it would’ve been worse.

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