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Whitner expecting charges to be dropped

Posted by Chris Brown on May 18, 2009 – 5:35 pm

Donte Whitner has a court date in Cleveland tomorrow where he’s expecting to be exonerated of the charges he faces in connection with an altercation at the House of Blues in Cleveland.

“I actually have a court date tomorrow and hopefully everything gets dropped tomorrow,” said Whitner Monday after Buffalo’s first OTA practice. “That’s what my lawyer is telling me. As far as my side of the story I can assure everyone that basically I didn’t do anything wrong.

“If anybody knows me and knows the type of guy I am and know what I stand for, and actually we have a videotape from the whole incident. It was sent to my lawyer last week so hopefully we’ll get it all taken care of tomorrow.”

Whitner was charged with aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, but apparently the videotape Whitner speaks of will clear him of any wrongdoing. Whitner has said all along that the truth will come out and it appears now that it will.

“I think I’ll wait for it to be settled in court before I tell my side of the story. We expect it to be dropped and hopefully tomorrow.”

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