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Evans on who the #1 WR is for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2009 – 7:26 pm

Lee Evans was asked with Terrell Owens now on board, who is the number one receiver on offense. Evans offered the following response.

“I don’t really think that’s the right question,” said Evans. “I think you have two very explosive players and you do what you can to get both players involved. Talking about who is number one, who’s what, when the defense gives you a look, you take advantage of it to that side, and certainly for some games, it may go back and forth, but I think the biggest thing is just for us both to work together and win football games and get to the playoffs.”

Owens took a similar approach when asked the same question Monday.

“For me, I don’t really speculate on any of that,” Owens said. “I just come out here and do my job. I don’t worry about who is number one, number two or none of that stuff. I’ll leave that guess work up to you guys. Once the ball is in the air, my job is to compete for it and try to make a play on it.”

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