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Tinoisamoa will likely have to accept less $$

Posted by Chris Brown on May 21, 2009 – 6:11 pm

With the Times-Picayune reporting that Pisa Tinoisamoa wants starter money, which is what turned off the Saints, I believe the Bills and Bears would balk as well if the free agent linebacker doesn’t lower his asking price. Here’s why.

Whether he chooses to play in Chicago or Buffalo, he’s likely going to be just a two down linebacker. The Bears are not going to pull Brian Urlacher or Lance Briggs off their nickel package to make Tinoisamoa a three down player.

The Bills are unlikely to take Posluszny or Kawika Mitchell off of their nickel package either. So there’s very little chance that either the Bears or the Bills buck up for a linebacker that while productive would not be anything more than a two-down player for them.

While I don’t debate that he’s one of the best OLBs left on the market I don’t see either team being convinced to spend quality starter money on him.

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