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Tinoisamoa’s choice based on several factors

Posted by Chris Brown on May 30, 2009 – 2:29 pm

With Pisa Tinoisamoa finally choosing the Bears to be his next employer Friday evening, you have to chalk it up to familiarity with the head coach. Lovie Smith, head coach of the Bears, was Tinoisamoa’s defensive coordinator in St. Louis. Smith had input when Tinoisamoa was drafted by the Rams. If he’s going to believe he’s a fit in anyone’s defensive system it’s that of his former DC. But there’s one other important factor in this decision.

Both the Bills and Bears had starting opportunities available, but Chicago plays in a more wide open division than Buffalo in terms of competing for a division title, and a division title equals a playoff berth, and don’t think that playoff pay isn’t a consideration for players still adrift in free agency at this point in the game.

I’m not surprised he took a one-year deal. Maximizing your earning potential isn’t going to happen at the end of May in free agency. He’s no doubt hoping he can put up big numbers this year and cash in next year when there’s no salary cap (as least at this point).

I think Tinoisamoa’s track record shows he could have been an upgrade, but not a dramatic one. Personally I think his stats from last season were a bit inflated in light of how much the Rams offense struggled last year. The St. Louis defense was on the field an awful lot.

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